Why Choose CPD? Standing Out from the Crowd

Why choose The CPD Accreditation Group?

Why choose The CPD Accreditation Group

Why choose The CPD Accreditation Group?

In recent years, CPD Accreditation – or continuing professional development- has boomed in popularity. In fact, it’s so popular that you have any number of choices when it comes to becoming an accredited CPD provider. There are more than a dozen specialist accreditation services out there, almost all of which operate nationwide… So if location isn’t a major factor in determining who you choose, what should you consider to choose between them?

As it turns out, there are actually quite a few reasons why you should choose The CPD Accreditation Group. We stand out from the competition with our unique USP, which is built around you- the CPD provider. So, why should you choose us?

We provide free accreditation of your business as a whole

That’s right. By filling in the free application form online, you can become an accredited CPD provider, starting tomorrow. We look at your organisation as a whole, and consider whether you have all the fundamental elements of being a CPD provider in place; and if you do, you can become a Registered CPD Training Provider.

Becoming accredited is an excellent step for your business to take, which makes the fact that we offer it for free all the better. But do bear in mind, we take accreditation seriously: if a CPD provider can’t demonstrate that they offer a robust CPD service, they won’t become accredited until they can. If you find yourself in that situation, we can point you in the right direction, so that you’ll be ready the next time you’d like to apply.

Think of it like a review. The first thing that anybody looks at when they’re buying something from eBay or Amazon is the star rating that the product received from customers, and the reliability rating of the seller. Having an official accreditation is like the best review you can get, and we only give it out if an organisation really does deserve it.

The benefits of getting accredited for free are obvious! If we consider your CPD provision to be up to par, you can advertise as a fully accredited business, which will promote trust and bring more business to you. We only accredit organisations that genuinely offer CPD training of the highest standard, and that’s the message you can pass onto your customers with our accreditation service.

You become a part of our online searchable database for both CPD accredited activity & CPD providers

On our website, we keep a register of all of the CPD providers we’ve accredited in the past, and another list of all the providers that are accredited for certain activities: from AED and CPR Awareness to Working at Height. These easily searchable lists allow professionals from around the country to find top quality CPD from businesses like yours.

When you complete the free accreditation of your organisation as a whole, you’ll be added to our list of CPD providers. As part of this list each provider will appear on Google and Bing searches, which will, again, bring in more potential applicants for your CPD training courses. It’s like a free advertisement, backed up by our trusted brand.

The other great thing about keeping such a list publicly is that it inspires trust in customers, not just for your own organisation, but for the CPD industry as a whole. Our searchable list allows any professional interested in CPD to quickly find and confirm that the organisation they want to do business is trustworthy and honest- which is important in a growing market like this one.

Easy straightforward process

The process of becoming an accredited CPD provider is far simpler than you might expect. You can apply for free using our online form, accessible through our website. Through the form, you provide us with very basic information about your organisation- address, registered business name, where you operate from, and contact details- as well as important information on the kind of CPD you offer.

Afterwards, you’ll have to upload evidence of your policies, like your Appeals Policy Procedure and your Health and Safety policy, in order to prove to us that your business operates according to the CPD guidelines of best practice. You’ll also have to show us the kind of reflective practice forms and evaluation forms you use as a CPD provider.

If you’re serious about providing top quality, effective CPD, then this should be no problem. Our CPD accreditation is not for anybody and everybody- it’s a genuine mark of quality. And all you have to do is upload a few .pdfs, which as a stellar CPD provider- which we’re sure you are- you should have to hand anyway. It couldn’t be simpler to get a free accreditation for your business, which will give you a huge boost in the long run.

If you want further accreditation for specific activities, that’s a straightforward task too. In order to get accredited for things like CPD in Health and Safety, all you have to do is fill out our CPD Activity Application form, which isn’t that much different to what you’ll already have done getting accredited generally. And then, you’ll be accredited for the next three years.

Available for any industry and any activity

Because we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service both to organisations who need to be accredited, and to professionals searching for top quality accreditation, we work with organisations in every imaginable sector. Our CPD register for specific activities covers a vast array of different courses and activities on a range of topics.

For CPD providers who work specifically with professionals in the construction industry, you might want to get accredited for your Asbestos Awareness course or Manual Handling of Objects. For CPD providers for nurses and midwives, Moving and Handling of People might be a relevant subject to get accredited in. We also accredit businesses for Money Laundering Awareness, Performance Management and Pressure Ulcer Prevention. If you check out our list of services that we accredit, you’ll see that we work with businesses in almost any industry.

It doesn’t matter how niche your organisation might be, because we offer accreditation to businesses in dozens of industries and for hundreds of activities. And we’re always adding to the list of activities we accredit organisations for, too, as the CPD industry expands to meet the needs of clients. So it doesn’t matter what kind of CPD you offer: so long as it’s up to standard, we can accredit you.

All of our accreditation is done online

That’s right. With us, you won’t have to fill out a single paper form or lick a single stamp to get accredited. Everything we do, we do online, for the benefit of our clients and of professionals searching for CPD courses near them. For our clients, it’s far easier to fill in our online forms than to send in a stamp addressed envelope; the sort of documents we want, like your Malpractice Policy and Health and Safety policy, are normally .pdfs anyway!

Because do the majority of our business online, we keep our overheads low, and pass that saving onto our paying clients. That’s reflected in our cheap monthly prices for subscription to our accreditation service. We firmly believe that CPD accreditation shouldn’t just be for ‘big business’, but ‘little business’ too- and that’s why we offer a fair and flexible service to anybody, all because of our online-only strategy.

The fact that our accreditation services are carried out online also means that if you expand the number of courses you offer, you can quickly and easily receive accreditation for those too. We offer one to one customer service, so if your business expands, all you have to do is let us know, and we can help you get accredited within a matter of days. It’s as simple as that when it’s all done online.

Unique reference number & logo for each accredited activity

If you choose to get accredited for a particular activity, we offer a unique reference number and logo for each and every one. You can use this logo on your website and in your advertising, so that any potential clients can see that you are fully accredited not just as a business, but for the specific services you offer.

Because of our trusted brand, backed up by our searchable online databases, your organisation can benefit from the use of our specific logos and activity reference numbers. We offer this service because we know that building trust with their own clients is why our clients come to us in the first place.

The reference number and logo offer an easy way for anybody finding your advertisements, or stumbling across your website, an easy way to confirm that you are who you say you are, and that you can do what you say you can do. This is absolutely essential on the Wild West of the internet, where anyone can post anything they like! The fact that you can get numerous accreditations also means that your customers can easily see what you specialise in, and that your accreditation isn’t just a generic ‘gold star’ sticker.

CPD Points shown on accreditation logo and database

Our logos are personalised as standard, which means that any CPD points you earn will be clearly displayed both there and in our database. This means that the amount of work you help your learners to achieve will be shown, so that future customers can be assured of your experience in providing top quality CPD.

This means that you don’t just ‘get accredited’ and that’s that; the effort that you put in as a CPD provider is recognised through the CPD points (or hours) system. If your organisation keeps on improving, and keeps offering better and better CPD courses, then that will be recognised and included in both the logo we provide to you and your entry in our database.

We firmly believe that helping our clients succeed, helps us to greater success too. And having an up to date, personalised accreditation logo will inspire the trust you deserve to find your customers. After all, we wouldn’t accredit you if you didn’t deserve it! This is all part of our fully customised, fully personalised service. You won’t find the same dedication to what it is that you do anywhere else.

Most cost-effective accreditation service

Our business is practically online only, which means we manage as lean an operation as possible. Any saving that we make in avoiding the common mistakes of other CPD accreditation providers, we pass on to you: our clients. That means that The CPD Accreditation Group offers the most cost-effective service on the market today.

Not only that, but we offer simple monthly payment plans that suit any budget. That means that whether you’re a small scale CPD provider, or you’re a full blown CPD school, you can get accredited for what you do at a price that’s fair. We operate on a monthly subscription basis, which is more flexible than yearly subscriptions offered by our competitors.

So… Why should you choose the CPD Accreditation Group?

Still not convinced? Have you considered that:

  • We’re up to 50% cheaper compared to the main CPD accreditation providers here in the UK
  • We offer one to one customer support during the application process, as standard, should you need help putting together the documents you need
  • We are the only registered official business in the UK to offer a CPD register available to the British public and fellow CPD providers alike

If you’re still not sure, there’s only one thing left to say: what’s the harm in applying today? It’s completely free, and there’s no obligation to undergo further accreditation afterwards. Your business can benefit from being included in our searchable online database, and you can use our logo and certificate of accreditation on your website, free of charge.